PLEASE SAY HI – Browser Game

Please Say Hi game

PLEASE SAY HI is beautiful and emotional little narrative adventure that explores the difference that a single two letter word can have in the life of someone who lives out a soul-crushingly lonely routine day after day.

In PLEASE SAY HI you take on the role of a woman who lives alone in a serviceable apartment and commutes every day to her boring desk job. Her existence is comfortable enough, but it’s devoid of any human contact and she can end up passing entire days without even saying a word to anyone. You spend three days in the life of the woman, and during your time with her you really start to feel for her and her brutally lonely existence.

There are two endings to PLEASE SAY HI, one pre-credits and one post credits that make for a very different story, but they both convey the powerful effect that the simple act of reaching out and saying ‘hi’ can have. An emotional little game that we highly recommend you saying ‘hi’ to.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement/Interact, Shift – Run

Available On: All Browsers

IMPORTANT NOTE: There’s a very important post-credits scene that we’d recommend sticking around for!


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