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please sine here game

Please Sine Here is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you draw the platforms yourself with each run.

In Please Sine Here you control a selection of pens that continually roll down slopes leaving a trail of ink in their wake, with you simply pressing the spacebar to make them jump in the air. There are six important documents that need to be signed, which simply require you to make a mark inside the ‘Sign Here’ tab on each level. This doesn’t initially seem possible as the gaps are too far to jump, but you have multiple attempts with different pens on each level, and you can use the previous ink markings as platforms to help you reach your goal.

As it was created in just 48 hours for the Global Game Jam, Please Sine Here is quite short with just six levels, but it’s a great concept that we’d love to see more of. The desktop visual style is very cool and the physics based movement of each pen adds a slight random element to each run. A great little puzzle platformer well worth leaving your mark on.

Controls: Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows Only

Note: There’s no proper ending implemented you, once you complete level 6 that’s it finished.

Download Please Sine Here Here

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