Pleonexia – Downloadable Game

Pleonexia is an unsettling black and white pixel art horror game where a fisherman sells some very special fish to the local townsfolk.

In Pleonexia you are a fisherman whose job is to catch fish and sell them to the locals. However, there’s something not quite right about the fish – one taste is enough to become addicted to them. So much so that the locals are willing to pay $1000 per fish.

Pleonexia takes place over the course of a few days and has a game clock that is constantly progressing (unless you’re in a cutscene). This means that you need to manage your time as you attempt to catch fish, deal with customers and get some rest (you lose strength for fishing if you’re tired). Above all you need to try and keep as many of your customers happy as possible. If you don’t there may be some serious consequences…

It’s an excellent game with a gripping narrative that takes some very dark turns. The simple pixel art visuals work really well and you really do feel the tension when your stocks are low and the fish become increasingly hard to come by. A creepy horror fishing game that will really get you hooked.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Ctrl – Close Eyes

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Pleonexia Here

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