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Plokoth is a beautifully animated and challenging 2D precision platforming adventure where you go on a journey to destroy the source of a disease that’s infected your loved one.

In Plokoth you take control of Plo, an agile little character who sets out on a journey through a forest that’s been infected with the same disease as his girlfriend, Oth. Oth was accompanying you on the journey, but now her body is too weak so her spirit travels with you instead. You’ll learn new abilities and really test your platformign abilities as you travel deep into the forest through three differently themed biomes in search of the source of the infection.

Plokoth really impresses with it’s artwork, animation and challenging hardcore precision platforming gameplay. The forest is a beautiful and deadly place to explore and the way the level design evolves and introduces more complex elements is well done. A fast, fun and beautiful platforming adventure well worth jumping on.

Controls: Control Pad or Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Plokoth Here

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