Plumber’s Creed – Browser Game

Plumbers creed

Plumber’s Creed is a fun fan made mash-up of Super Mario Bros. and Assassins Creed that sees you controlling Ezio Mario as he uses stealth and skill to take on the Koopa menace.

In each level you must collect three Abstergo’s symbols and make it to the exit using stealth or a full frontal assault.  Gameplay in is fairly similar to classic Mario games of old – fast, fun action platforming in which you bounce on Koopa’s heads to defeat them.  Mario has learned a few of Ezio’s tricks in this outing though – with him able to lay traps, throw knives and even hide in haystacks.

It’s a very polished experience, with excellent audio design, superb pixel art animation and fun gameplay.  A great union of two of the greatest Italians in gaming – only one can fix your toilet though!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, W/Z – Lay Mine, Q/A – Throw Knife

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Plumber’s Creed Here

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