Plunge – Downloadable Game

Plunge is a fun little pixel at action game where timing is key as you attempt to plunge from your island and slay giant monsters with your spear.

Created for the OST Jam, Plunge is a simple, stylish and tricky little game where you battle giant monsters by diving on them from above. You can walk along your island and then when you are ready press the spacebar to plunge downwards with your spear.

You can hold the spacebar to slow your descent and then release to attack. You only get five attempts to slay the monsters so you need to make each plunge count. The higher your plunge is, the more damage you do and you can also collect damage multipliers that can really help you out.

It’s a fun little game with a great visual style, a nice variety of monsters to battle and novel plunge-based gameplay. See how much damage you can do with your little spear!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Plunge

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Plunge Here

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