Pocket Wonder Sport – Download Game

Pocket Wonder Sport is a fun little homage to pirated multicarts that you got during the 8/16bit era and allows you to play 10 different unique little arcade games on one “cart”!

Created by hwilson (creator of King of Machines and Locust, USA) Pocket Wonder Sport is a collection of 10 little arcade games set within a faux pirate multicart. The games range from a twist on Pong that plays out on a zombie infested ice-rink to a weird Transformers knock-off where you race and beat up rival cars.

The presentation and retro pixel art visuals are excellent throughout and it’s a lot of fun discovering the nostalgic arcade delights the Pocket Wonder Sport cart has to offer. As with any game collection some games are better than others, with particular highlights being Dead Ice, Pool Block, Field of Battle and Bioterror. A lot of them have some great ideas and twists on classic arcade titles that would be great for expanding on into full games. It’s far better than most real pirated multicarts anyway!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Action

Available On: Windows

Download Pocket Wonder Sport Here

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