Point Click Killer – Downloadable Game

Point Click Killer is a short and intense point and click adventure where you check into a motel where there’s a killer on the loose.

Created in five days for the Scream Jam 2023, Point Click Killer is a very quick, but surprisingly scary ilttle point and click adventure set in a roadside motel. After checking into your room and catching a little sleep, you hear a scream outside and witness a murderer running away. Now it seems the murderer is after you, what will you do?

Due to the time constraints of the game jam, there are some issues with Point Click Killer (the protagonist looks like a man in a dress, there aren’t any puzzles and it’s all over very quickly), but it’s a fun little bite-sized horror game nonetheless. The pixel art animation and audio design are excellent, and it gets very intense when you start trying to escape from the killer!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download The Point Click Killer Here

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