Pokemon Cries – Browser Game

Pokemon Cries is a fun little browser based quiz in which you attempt to identify Pokemon by soley their cries!

With a massive array of Pokemon cries spread out over seven generations, Pokemon Cries gives Pokemon fans an ultimate test of their Pokemon knowledge. The gameplay is simple – just click on the play button and you’ll hear a Pokemon cry, you then have to identify it and match it to one of the four Pokemon displayed below. Make your way through ten rounds and you’ll be given a score to represent your pokemon identification prowess.

There are lots of Pokemon to identify and due to the more complex audio files, the later generations of Pokemon can be a little easier to identify than the earlier ones. There is also a handy ‘Train’ option that displays all of the available Pokemon and will play their cries when you click on them.

It’s a fun little game that not only tests your Pokemon knowledge, but also has a great nostalgia value and highlights how good Game Freak are at creating calls that match each Pokemon’s character. Gotta hear ‘em all!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: all Browsers

Play Pokemon Cries Here

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