Polyamorous Relationships – Browser Game

Polyamorous Relationships is a charming and thoughtful little tile based puzzler that explores the complexities of non-exclusive relationships.

In Polyamorous Relationships you attempt to place different people onto a grid dependent on their relationship status. If a character is dating another character then you place them next to each other, if they don’t like each other you make sure they’re apart and so on.

In a monogamous relationship this would be pretty easy, but satisfying the needs of everyone in a network of polyamorous relationships can get a little tricky – because “having two girlfriends is sometimes really great, but always difficult to manage”. The game starts off pretty easily, but things get a bit more complex as you try to arrange a network of polyamorous lovers who are sleeping with certain people while trying to avoid all contact with others.

It’s a fun little game, with a quirky premise and a meaningful message behind it. Complicated relationships are fine, as long as no-one’s getting hurt (and it certainly makes for a great little puzzler!)

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Polyamarous Relationships Here

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