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Polybius Squared is a creepy, beautiful and mesmerising retro arcade game that brain-washes you as you play.

A pseudo-sequel to the Polybius arcade game of urban legend, Polybius Squared plays like a blend of Pac-Man and Qbert with a sprinkling of creepypasta thrown in. The gameplay is fairly simple – you attempt to color all the blocks on each level blue while collecting power-ups and avoiding/destroying the red enemies that pop up. It’s a fun retro arcade game, but it’s the presentation that really makes Polybius Squared worth playing.

The backgrounds of each level are filled with an array of swirling lights and beautiful neon wireframe visuals. Combine this with the repetitive and catchy music and the occasional subliminal message flashing up on the screen and you really start to feel like you’re playing a game that’s designed to brainwash innocent minds. This is all backed up by the two types of messages that pop up on screen between levels – one from the shady organisation that’s trying to brainwash you and one from an inside-man who’s trying to expose them.

It’s a very cool twist on the Polybius legend and an addictive little arcade game into the bargain. But is is the gameplay that’s addictive or is it the brain-washing that’s making you addicted? Guess we’ll never know!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Polybius Squared Here

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