Pong() – Browser Game

Pong() is a clever little twist on the Atari arcade classic, with you able to escape the arena and tinker with the game’s code in clever ways.

Created for the I Can’t Write But Want to Tell a Story game jam, Pong() is a clever little puzzle game set within a simple looking game of Pong. In the game you control a little blue Pong paddle. You can play Pong against the AI rival as in a traditional game of Pong, but it turns out you can also escape the arena into the game code. You can then start interacting with the game code to unlock even more secret areas…

It’s a very inventive little puzzle adventure with a clever premise and some deviously designed puzzles. You really need to think outside of the box in this one!

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD – Movement

Available On: Browser

Play Pong() Here

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