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Pong Pong

Pong Pong is a fast and furious browser based Pong game in which every time you hit a ball it multiplies and gets faster, soon resulting in a barrage of balls flying across the screen.

Gameplay is simple, as in any Pong game, your goal is to score the most points by knocking balls past your opponent. Where Pong Pong differs is by the unrelentless chaos that’s caused by the ball multiplying every time you hit it. It can be hard to keep track of them all, but it’s a great feeling when you connect with a few balls in a row, sending twice the pain back at your opponent.  It’s a fun spin on an old classic – marvellous multiball mayhem.

Controls:  W/S – Up/Down Player 1, Cursor Keys – Up/Down Player 2

Available On:  Windows & Browser

Download or Play Pong Pong Here

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