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pongchess game

pongchess is a remarkable fusion of two VERY different games – Pong and Chess!

pongchess combines the strategy of Chess with the fast paced arcade gameplay of Pong, as you use different Chess pieces to bat the ball back at your opponent for as long as possible. There are three different game modes in pongchess, all of which are pretty tricky, that require you to use the chess pieces individual movesets to hit the ball. You’ll need to plan your moves quickly, and you have to time your moves too, as the ball will only bounce off your piece if you land the piece while the ball is on the target square.

It’s pretty tough to last for more than a few seconds in pongchess, but there are some useful winning strategies – especially clearing your back row a bit so you can access the Queen and Rooks. It’s a strange, but fun fusion of strategic board gaming and old school arcade gameplay that will really make you think fast!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers (may not work in Safari)

Play pongchess Here

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