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Pork Chopper Game

Pork Chopper is a very addictive single button roguelike RPG adventure in which you take a little piggy on an epic monster slaying quest, using timing-based attacks and collecting lots of cool loot on the way.

Pork Chopper is another adorable piggy adventure from the developer of Iron Snout, this time swapping bacon brawling for addictive roguelike 2D dungeon crawling. In the game you control a plucky little pig who ventures down into increasingly challenging levels of a dungeon.

You hold the left mouse button and release it to swing your weapon and tap the left mouse button to block. It’s a simple control scheme but requires timing and tactical nouse as you come across different enemies with different attack patterns.

Along your adventure you’ll earn XP to level up and collect coins from slain enemies that can be used to purchase equipment from the vending machine that appears every two floors. There’s a wide variety of equipment that you can unlock and purchase, each of which not only looks cool but also offers some useful stackable stat upgrades.

Pork Chopper does look fairly simple, but there’s a surprising amount of intricacy to the combat, the visuals are adorable and the variety of loot adds a lot of replayability. A highly addictive porklike dungeon crawler well worth checking out.

Controls: LMB (Hold & Release) – Attack, LMB – (Quick Press) – Block

Available On: All Browsers

Play Pork Chopper Here

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