PortaBoy+ – Downloadable Game

PortaBoy+ is a fantastic WarioWare inspired game where you play a collection of retro microgames on a cursed Game Boy-esque handheld console.

Created by Lumpy Touch (a master of creepy pixelart YouTube animations), Enchae (who worked on Dwerve & Aparklite) and with music from B-Knox, PortaBoy+ delivers a delightfully dark twist on WarioWare style microgame collections. In the game you play a bunch of microgames on your PortaBoy+ handheld game console. At first things seem fairly normal and the games are pretty charming, but it’s around about the time that you unlock the ability to wield a shotgun that things start to get weird…

You can try to get a high score or you can search for the secret ending, but either way you’ll have a lot of fun with Portaboy+. The microgames themselves are very entertaining and ramp up in difficulty nicely, but it’s multitasking that you’ve got to do that will really put you on edge. Combine that with the superb pixel art animation, increasing graphical glitches and excellent sound design then you’ve got one an incredibly tense and nerve-wracking experience. Handheld horror you won’t want to put down. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Portaboy+ Here

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