Portal GO – Browser Game

Portal GO is a fun little fan game that reimagines Portal as a Hitman GO style isometric puzzle game as you use portals to solve puzzles, avoid sentires and collect cake.

In Portal GO you control a charming looking 2D stick man that looks like he’s just wandered off a bathroom door sign. Your goal is to get your stickman to the end of each little self-contained isometric level. He’s not particularly nimble (he’s incredibly slow actually, but thankfully you can click on tiles to spawn portals (as in the original Portal games) to allow him or any other useful object you want to pass through.

The levels can get pretty tricky very quickly, but it’s a fun little game with a wonderful isometric take on Portal’s aesthetics and portal-based puzzles. It still retains Portal’s humor too, with the occasional words of “encouragement” from GLaDOS and a generous heling of cake!

Controls: WASD – Movement, LMB – Blue Portal, RMB – Red Portal

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download Portal GO Here

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