Portal Mario 64 – Download Game

Portal Mario 64 combines two of gaming’s most highly revered games by introducing a fully functional Portal Gun into Super Mario 64!

Portal Mario 64 is a remarkable fan made Super Mario 64 rom hack that allows players to get up to all kinds of game breaking mischief with a Portal Gun. The rom allows you to play through the entirety of Super Mario 64 with the ability to spawn and use portals anywhere. The portals work much like they do in the Portal games, with you able to fire two different coloured portals and then walk/jump into them to instantly teleport between the two.

It’s great fun playing around with the portals, as not only does it give Mario instant access to hard to reach areas, but you can also screw with the game in lots of delightful ways – as the portals not only teleport Mario, but objects, NPC’s, enemies and bosses too! It’s not only an incredible technical achievement implementing portals in a 20+ year old game that really wasn’t designed for it, but Portal Mario 64 also creates an entirely new way to play a classic. Highly recommended.

Portal Gun Controls: Tap C-Up to Zoom in to Mario’s close-up head cam view then aim and press L to fire a portal. The left and right D-Pad buttons are used to switch between Red/Blue portals

Available On: All N64 Emulators – Project64 v2.3.2 Works Well (Google It)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Portal Mario Rom Here (Download Link In Video Description)

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