Posio – Browser Game


Posio is an addictive quick-fire geography game in which you attempt to pinpoint locations on a blank world map and beat the other players who are playing simultaneously.

In Posio you are presented with a blank world map, then given a location to find (eg. Madrid, Spain). You then have only a few seconds to select your answer by clicking your best estimate of where that location is in the world. You earn more points the closer your answer is to the real location and a ranking of how well you did to the others playing alongside you.

Posio’s quick-fire quizzing can be quite addictive, especially as you attempt to make your way up the leaderboard (to make it fair for new players the points are only tallied for the last 20 questions). Do you know your Uganda’s from your Uruguay’s? See how well you fare in Posio!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game is No Longer Available

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