Potato – Browser Game

Potato Game

Potato is a very cool gravitational physics based puzzle game in which you must hurl your potato around celestial bodies with the aim of creating a stable orbit.

Starting out with just a black screen, and getting more and more complex as the game progresses, you simply click and drag to launch your potato, then watch and hope that it doesn’t crash into anything before the timer elapses.  It’s a fun game/physics based play toy that can get remarkably tricky later on, but the branching pathways of the level tree mean that if you get stuck on one puzzle there’s always something else to try.

Flinging projectiles through space is a simple but very addictive premise with that all important ‘one more go’ factor.  Fabulous interplanetary potato flinging fun.

Controls:  Mouse – Click & Drag

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Potato Here

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