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Power Level is a very fast paced mini-roguelike adventure where you have just five minutes to level up before you take on the powerful end boss.

In Power Level you fight your way through a randomly generated dungeon full of Binding of Isaac style single-screen rooms. The rooms generally contain a mixture of enemies, destructible crates and treasure. You earn XP for each enemy you defeat which allows you to level up and unlock new abilities. The treasure you collect increases your stats and you can also collect gold by smashing crates – though you don’t want to take too long doing that as speed really is of the essence.

After five minutes of fighting your way through the dungeon you’re dropped into a battle against a powerful end boss. This is where all your levelling up really comes in handy as the boss is pretty tough and takes a lot of hits to bring down. All is not lost if you fail though – you can purchase perks with the gold that you collect to make future runs a little easier (more time, more XP, etc.).

It’s a great little game that’s perfect for a quick hit of dungeon crawling roguelike fun. The pixel art animation is excellent and the gameplay is very fast paced. See how much of a badass you can become in just five minutes!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Attack – JKLI, Spacebar – Dash, E – Slam

Available On: Windows

Download Power Level Here

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