Power Rangers: Beats of Power – Download Game

Power Rangers Beats of Power Game Download

Power Rangers: Beats of Power is an awesome old school beat-em-up which draws inspiration from the classic Power Rangers games from the 16-bit as you use your mighty morphin’ powers to defeat the forces of Lord Zedd.

Power Rangers: Beats of Power is very much based on the original (and best) series of Power Rangers so there’s no Megaforce, Dino Charge, Mystic Force or other silly later day variants here. It’s six rangers (Billy’s the White Ranger) taking on the minions of Lord Zedd, using their kick ass Kung Fu skills and four different versions of the Megazord.

It’s a fun game that offers a wonderful slice of old school mighty morphin’ arcade action that’s full of great little touches for Power Rangers fans. Most of the stages play out like an episode of the series,with you starting as one of the rangers in their everyday clothes, morphing into your Power Rangers costume halfway through then having a boss fight at the end that culminates with you transforming into a big Megazord to finish them off.

Appropriately for a game based on Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Beats of Power offers a fun, silly and often cheesy adventure that fans of the series will love. Particular highlights are the video clips that peppered throughout the game, the authentic audio soundbytes and the variety of characters that pop up. An awesome mighty morphin’ blast from the past.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, A – Attack, S – Special, D – Jump, Z – Block

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Power Rangers: Beats of Power Here

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