Powerline.io – Browser Game

Powerline.io is a very addictive TRON inspired browser based massively multiplayer .io game where you control a light cycle that grows a massive trail which can destroy any rivals that collide with it.

Playing a little like Slither.io, but with much longer trails and a cool TRON vibe, Powerline.io sees you competing with others online as you attempt to gather as many orbs as possible. The more orbs you collect the longer the trail you leave behind in your lightcycle – which you can use to try and box in rivals, destroy them and steal their lovely orbs. Another big factor is speed, which you can build up by racing alongside another player’s light-trail – adding a nice risk-reward factor to the gameplay.

It does obviously borrow heavily from TRON and Slither.io, but it’s a very addictive game that allows for some fast paced and strategic gameplay as you battle other players. Well worth checking out for a bit of massively multiplayer lightbike fun!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Browser

Play Powerline.io Here

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