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presentable liberty

Presentable Liberty is a strange experience that sees you incarcerated in a jail cell for five days with only notes slid under the door to tell you of life outside and the deadly virus that’s spreading across the country.

You’ve been imprisoned without being told why and are assigned a ‘Happy Buddy’ to ensure you don’t suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.  The head of the place you’re locked up in, Doctor Money, doesn’t want you to kill yourself as you’re one of the few healthy humans alive, as a terrible virus is sweeping the nation.

Your Happy Buddy keeps your spirits up with cheerful messages and supplying excruciatingly hard games to play on your Game Boy knock off.  As you serve your sentence in your cell, you’ll receive letters from various people, friends, acquaintances and people you’ve never met, all helping you build an idea of what terrible things are happening outside your cell, and what your fate may be.

Taking around half an hour to complete, it’s an interesting and unique experience, whittling away your time playing on your not-Game Boy and extracting a narrative from the notes slid under your door.  You’re given a choice of actions at the end – choose wisely!

Controls: WASD – Move, Mouse – Look,  Left Click – Interact,  Mouse Wheel – Scroll Inventory,  Right Click – Use Inventory Item.

Available On:  Windows

Download Presentable Liberty Here (Don’t Use Chrome, Google Hates GameJolt)

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