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Prime Mover Game

Prime Mover is a fun old school 2D open world action adventure that draws inspiration from ZX Spectrum era action platformers as you play an astronaut who must decommission a mining facility on Mars’ largest moon, Phobos.

The mining facility is full of deadly hazards and obstructions, but your little astronaut can switch between equipment to jetpack and drill through areas. The audio/visual design in Prime Mover is a glorious callback to the classic ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 days, with a simple color palate, chunky sprites and a cool chip tune soundtrack. The gameplay is authentically old school as well, offering an open world action platforming experience that offers a real challenge and only a few lives to make it through the game.

It’s a simple, but well crafted slice of action platforming nostalgia that celebrates celebrates the glory days of the 8-bit home computer platformer. The only thing that’s missing is that you don’t have to wait 10 minutes for a cassette tape to load!

Controls: A/D – Left/Right, W – Jump, S – Switch Between Equipment, Spacebar – Action

Available On: All Browsers

Play Prime Mover Here

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