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Prison Brawl download

Prison Brawl is a very silly low poly ragdoll combat game in which you attempt to wrestle inmates back into a holding cell after a riot has broken out.

Created by the same developer that brought you the joys of Super Footbrawl Playground, Prison Brawl plays like a blend of Gang Beasts and sheep herding. In it you swing wildly at inmates to beat them up, then you grab them and drag them into the prison cell.

This isn’t the most organized of prison riots, so it’s not that tricky, but it is great fun watching the prisoners falling over themselves as their ragdoll limbs flop around madly. You also have the ability to shift into bullet time, which stops you from falling over and looks very cool when explosions scatter bodies across the screen!

Prison Brawl is a very short game, but with it’s super silly low poly mayhem it’s certain to raise a smile. Well worth checking out for some chaotic ragdoll brutality.

Controls: WASD – Movement, B – Bullet Time, T – Dive, Ctrl – Kick, H – Crouch, Q – Punch, E – Grab, Alt – Jump, F – Walk

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

UPDATE: Prison Brawl Is No Longer Free, But You Can Purchase it Here

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