Prisoners’ Dilemma – Browser Game

prisoners dilemma

Prisoners’ Dilemma is an innovative experimental two-player online multiplayer game that explores the fundamentals of communication, as both players (who have never met before) have to co-ordinate a prison escape by knocking on the wall between the cells.

You are trapped in prison with a guard patrolling your cell and have a shiv that you can use to help make your escape. However if you stab the guard then the guard in the neighbouring cell will hear the noise then come and shoot you. Clearly the only way to escape is to take out both guards at the same time, but to do that you’ll have to co-ordinate the attack with who-ever is in the neighbouring cell – which is easier said than done when banging on the wall is your only form of communication!

Controls:  K – Knock,  D – Escape

Available On:  All Browsers

Note: This is an online multiplayer game only and requires someone else online to play. If there is no-one else online then you’ll get the message “You are the only person in this prison, it would be unwise to escape”, so will have to wait for another player to turn up (feel free to arrange meet ups in the comments below).

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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