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productivity program game download

Productivity Program is an oddly addictive and rather insidious little game that aims to curb your procrastination by giving you mundane exercises aimed at highlighting the true emptiness of your unproductivity.

Productivity Program plays out through three simple, but surprisingly addictive little games that you can switch between at will. There’s no real purpose to the games, other than to make you feel bad for wasting time on them when you could be doing something more productive, but even though you know this, they can be pretty hard to tear yourself away from.

There are hints of something sinister going on below the surface, particularly with the coin flipping machine, but it’s unclear if ths ever manifests in anything more – maybe you’d have to waste a LOT of time to find out. It saves your progress though, so if you’re ever feeling particularly unproductive, just boot up the game and it’ll mend your time wasting ways!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Productivity Program Here

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