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Prysm Break Full Game Download

Prysm Break is a brain melting puzzle platformer in which your little white blob-like character splits into different coloured components, with you controlling each coloured blob simultaneously as you make your way through the game’s cleverly designed levels.

In Prysm Break you start each level with a single white blob and must navigate your way to the exit. However, once you come into contact with different colored surfaces your little blob will split into differently coloured counterparts, each of which will not be able to pass through matching coloured surfaces. This may sound complicated, but in practice it’s quite easy to get your head around – the real weird stuff comes later in the game when the game world itself starts to split into different colors.

Taking around 20 minutes to complete, it’s an addictive and oddly mesmerising game with colors constantly merging and splitting before your eyes like a weird platforming kaleidoscope. A cleverly crafted RGB platformer well worth checking out.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On:  Windows Only

Full Playthrough Video: Here

Download Prysm Break Here

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