Psychic Cat – Downloadable Game

psychic cat

Psychic Cat is a beautiful and bizarre audio/visual adventure in which you play a psychic cat exploring a strange neon psychosphere filled with the ruins of a ruined psychic space program and huge green humanoids who love to stamp on you.

The huge neon wasteland of Psychic Cat can be a breath-taking but perplexing place to explore, especially when the huge green humanoids stamp on you, warping your screen into a mind-bending mess.  You can fight back against the green meanies though using your psychokinetic powers, with your nifty ability to materialize gloving boxes and throw them, knocking over your enemies and killing them.

Although it may initially look it initially, Psychic Cat isn’t just a ‘walking simulator’, there’s interactivity and an end goal that will require exploration and experimentation to figure out.  A fantastical psychic feline adventure full of wondrous sights.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  X – Spawn Cube,  Spacebar – Jump,  RMB – Grab Object,  LMB – Throw Object

Available On:  Windows Only

Note:  To dispatch the big green humanoids, spawn a cube with X, grab it with RMB, and fire it with LMB.

Download Psychic Cat Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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