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Psycho Waluigi download

Psycho Waluigi is a fabulous fan made tribute to one of the most underused Mario characters, which plays like a blend of Super Mario Bros and Kirby as you use your telekinetic powers to ensnare enemies and use their powers against them.

Waluigi has suffered from a massive bump to the head (maybe a plumber jumped on it?), and wakes up in a strange land with some very useful telekinetic powers. The platforming gameplay is pretty similar to the Mario games, but your new powers allow you to grab nearby blocks, coins and enemies, then use them as weapons. You can even aim and use the enemies special attacks while they’re ensnared in your telekinetic field.

There are 30 different kingdoms, and if you get a gold crown in each of them (by getting a high score), you unlock some very cool secret stages. The pixel art visual design in Psycho Waluigi is excellent throughout, with a vibrant world, packed with variety and unique enemies. The level of polish is very impressive throughout and it’s great fun experimenting with Waluigi’s powers. It’s a fabulous outing for Luigi’s arch rival that well worth checking out!

Controls: Left/Right – Movement, Up/Down – Rotate Aura, Shift – Jump, 2 – Capture/Throw

Available On: Windows

Note: We’d recommend changing the default controls as Jump is currently ‘Shift’ and if you press Shift 5 times in a row on Windows then a pop-up comes up and asks if you want to turn on ‘sticky keys’!

Download Psycho Waluigi Here

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