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Public Canvas game

Public Canvas is a fun little shared virtual canvas in which you can sketch anything you like and a cool little drawing robot will then draw it for you on the canvas for all to see!

Public Canvas is more of an interactive playtoy than a game per se, but it’s an oddly enjoyable experience to leaving your mark on the canvas (no matter how bad you are at drawing). In it all you have to do is pick a spot to sketch on then draw your draft and submit it. The drawing robot will then move around and draw your picture in real time on the virtual canvas for all to see (you may have to wait if there’s a queue).

It’s a fun experiment that’s based on a real life drawing robot called The Obsessive Drafter – an interactive art exhibition with a robot that encounters people and decides on its own to create a portrait. Public Canvas may not do people’s portraits, but it’s a great little social experiment that’s fun to play around with and watching new sketches coming in from other users is an oddly addictive experience. A fun little playtoy well worth leaving your mark on!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available on: All Browsers

Important Notes: Public Canvas is pretty buggy and may not work at all times.  If a blank canvas loads, just reload the page. Also the number of balls that drop at the start correspond to the number of people that have left their mark on the canvas

Note 2: You’re best off playing Public Canvas in Full Screen as the ‘Upload Your Completed Sketch’ button can be easy to miss (it’s at the bottom of the screen).

Play Public Canvas Here

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