PumpUp Hero! – Browser Game

PumpUp Hero! is an addictive little browser based multiplayer superhero game that sees you flying through the air and attempting to land attacks on your opponents with your fist.

In PumpUp Hero! you fly through the air earning points, growing larger and levelling up with an aim to climb to the top of the online leaderboard. You can earn some points by colliding with planes and hot air balloons, but you can earn more by defeating other opponents.

You fly through the air fist first and can attack with the left mouse button. Players fists are impervious to damage so you have to try to focus your attacks on your opponent’s body and head to dispatch them. Earning points allows you to level up and unlock new superpowers, such as an iron fist, invisibility or laser beam eyes – all of which will aid you taking down more opponents.

PumpUp Hero! Is a fairly simple twist on the .io genre but it can be very addictive. Even the smallest superheroes can take down huge ones with a well aimed punch and it’s great fun testing out all the unlockable superpowers. A superhero showdown well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Movement, LMB – Attack, Keyboard – Specials

Available On: All Browsers

Play PumpUp Hero! Here

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