Punch a Nazi – Browser Game

Punch a Nazi game

Punch a Nazi is a fun little browser based game that you link to your smart phone (Jackbox-style) and then hurl punches at the screen using its accelerometer to beat the crap out of some well known neo-Nazis and their idol.

To start your Nazi beatdown you simply load up the webpage in a browser and follow the instructions to pair it to your phone. You then grab your phone and swing away, attempting to time your punches to land when the pointer is in the middle of the screen, causing a nice amount of damage to your opponents face. It only takes a few minutes to complete, with three Nazi’s in total to punch, each one more horrible than the last. It’s a fairly simple game, but extremely satisfying – it turns out that Nazi’s have very punchable faces!

Controls: Swing Your Phone!

Available On: All Desktop Browsers (Smart Phone Required)

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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