PUNKSNOTDEAD – Download Game


PUNKSNOTDEAD is an wonderfully anarchic little 2D beat-em-up in which you punch your way through hordes of enemies, accompanied by a super cool punk audio score.

Much like the punk songs it draws inspiration from, PUNKSNOTDEAD is short, chaotic and full of anarchic energy. There’s no narrative to tell of, you simply arrive in your car at the start of the game and start beating the crap out anyone you come across in the proceeding few screens, being sure to avoid the occasional bullet that gets fired your way.

It’s a short and simple game, but the level of carnage on screen is a joy to behold and it fuses in with the accompanying music perfectly. A super stylish and cathartic little slice of beat ‘em up action that celebrates the unbridled passion and pure energy of punk.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move, Up – Jump, Z – Punch

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here


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