Puppet Master: The Game – Downloadable Game

Puppet Master: The Game is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game based on the cult classic horror movies, that pits humans against deadly diminutive puppets.

In Puppet Master: The Game you can choose from a selection of different humans and puppets from the Puppet Master and Demonic Toys movies, and do battle in a variety of different game modes. There’s 3v1 Thief co-op where a human has to steal the Master’s secrets while the puppets try to protect them. There’s 4v2 Manhunt, where two humans try to lift a curse while being assaulted by puppets. There’s Puppet Master 4v4, which sees three good puppets trying to protect a human from four evil puppets, and there’s a 4v4 puppets only deathmatch mode.

There’s also a sandbox single player mode with objectives and pages of Andre Toulon journal to collect. As you play the game you’ll also earn XP which can be used to unlock new skins, weapon customizations and emotes.

It’s a great asymmetric horror game and a superb homage to the classic movies. Each character is recreated in perfect detail and they all feel as menacing as ever. The Master would be proud.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Puppet Master: The Game Here

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