PUSER TOH – Browser Game

Puser toh

PUSER TOH (a anagram of SUPERHOT), is a fun little game that blends SUPERHOT‘s time-moves-when-you-move mechanic with the classic ball batting gameplay of Pong, to create the hardest game of Pong you’re ever likely to play.

To be good at Pong, you have to be able to predict where the ball is going to go, BUT, thanks to the addition of SUPERHOT‘s time-moves-when-you-move mechanic, this can be very hard indeed. If nobody moves, the ball stays still, if you move, the ball moves, but also if your opponent moves the ball will move. Which means players can really mess with each other, screwing up their timing and causing them to miss the ball.

It’s very hard to master, but as with SUPERQOT and SuperHotline Miami, the addition of SUPERHOT‘s trademark timebending makes everything better. Ready for some SUPERPONG?

Controls:  W/S – Player 1 Up/Dow,  Arrow Keys – Player 2 Up/Down

Available On:  All Browsers


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