\\\//\\/\\\/// – Browser Game

\\\//\\/\\\/// is an eerie and atmospheric little pixel art adventure where you explore a mysterious wasteland, scavenge resources and attempt to send a signal.

Created using the awesome new bitsy 3D engine, \\\//\\/\\\/// is a strange little experimental game with light puzzle elements set within a strange post-apocalyptic world. In the game you take control of a nameless wanderer who explores the wasteland in search of resources and some means of lighting a pyre atop a tall building. You can move your character with the WASD keys, but to really see where you’re going in each area (and find hidden entrances and items you need) you can rotate and zoom the view with your mouse.

Comprising of six single-screen areas and a few buildings, it’s a fairly short but impressive little experience with a great atmosphere and an interesting world. It’s aloelazoe’s bitsy 3D engine that most impresses though as \\\//\\/\\\/// does a great job of showing off what it can do. While the original 2D bitsy engine was great, bitsy 3D allows form some far more creative world design and it’s 3D pixel art visuals look fantastic. It’ll be nice to see what more it can do!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Point, Click & Drag to Rotate Screen

Available On: Browser

Play \\\//\\/\\\/// Here

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