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Qavo is a stylish and cleverly crafted 2D puzzle platformer where you rearrange the levels as you play them by sliding around the tiles it’s made out of.

The aim of each level in Qavo is to open an exit door and guide your little yellow block character to it. However, reaching that exit is often impossible in the level’s initial configuration. Thankfully though, at any point you can pause the game and slide around the tiles it’s made out of to reconfigure the levels, allowing you access to out of reach areas.

The levels in Qavo start off fairly simply, but soon laser beams, hazards and larger sized levels are introduced which really require you to think about what you’re doing. It’s generally a good idea to focus on where the doors at the side of the tile you’re trying to reach are located and working your way back from there.

There are a few minor bugs and rage-inducingly tough precision platforming later on in the game, but other than that Qavo is a fantastic little puzzle platformer. It really impresses with its minimalist street sign-esque visuals and cleverly designed shifting levels that offer a real challenge in the later stages. An inventive little puzzle platformer where you control the level layout.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement/Slide Tiles, Spacebar – Jump, X – Toggle Tile Slide Mode

Available On: Windows

Gameplay video: Here

Download Qavo Here

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