Quadrantica – Download Game

Quadrantica is a stylish little logic based puzzle game where you attempt to activate grids of columns by using abilities on the columns that surround them.

The mechanics of Quadrantica are a little hard to describe, but easy to pick up and play. Your aim in each level is to raise and activate all of the columns in each grid. You can’t interact with tiles that aren’t activated though – instead you use special abilities on neighboring tiles that are already activated. Things start off fairly easily, with you just required to raise or activate the titles, but things get a whole lot more complex when you have to combine your abilities and do both.

It’s a great little puzzler with a very pleasing aesthetic, a chilled out atmosphere and some very creative puzzle design. Well worth checking out for a bit of tile-based puzzling fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Play Quadrantica Here

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