QuakeJS – Browser Game

QuakeJS is a very impressive game that allows you to enjoy the silky smooth run n’ gun arena combat of Quake III in your browser!

Quake III may be over 18 years old, but it still feels like a remarkable achievement to see it running in your browser. It supports online matches with five different game modes (Free For All, Tournament, Clan Arena, Capture the Flag and Freeze Tag), a nice selection of maps and up to five bots with variable skill levels.

The combat is pretty much exactly as you remember it to be, with lots of fast paced run n’ gun combat with all the classic guns. Aside from the extra game modes It’s pretty indistinguishable from the original and perfect for a quick blast of old school run n’ gun arena fragging fun!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers

Play QuakeJS Here

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