Queen’s Quadrille – Browser Game

Queen’s Quadrille is a tricky Chess-based single-player puzzle game where you attempt to maneuver your queen to certain spaces on a 4×4 square board where there is only one empty space for pieces to move your pieces to.

In Queen’s Quadrille your aim is to move your queen to the highlighted areas on the board within the fewest moves possible. You have an assortment of pieces placed on a 4×4 square board and they all move as they would in a traditional game of chess. The big difference here being that there is only one empty space on the board so you need to figure out which pieces to move there to clear a way for your queen.

The game features three variants of Queen’s Quadrille and one called Hippodrome, which requires you to get four knights from one side of the board to another. It’s a clever concept that makes for a surprisingly tricky puzzle experience and also offers plenty of replayability thanks to its randomly generated levels. A great little puzzler well worth Check-ing out!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Browser & Windows

Play Queen’s Quadrille Here

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