Questionaut – Browser Game


Questionaut is a charming quiz based adventure in which you solve Samorost-esque puzzles then answer questions in various academic areas such as English, Mathematics and Science.

You assist an adorable little hot air balloonist as they gather enough hot air to lift them into the heavens.  To gather the air you must answer questions correctly, but first you need to find a way of persuading the various characters to ask you these questions.  Much like Samorost, this involves experimenting, clicking on various areas of the screen and solving puzzles.  Once you’ve lured out a question master, they’ll ask you a series of academic questions, with each of the 8 levels specialising in a different subject.  These questions aren’t too tricky and resemble the sort of thing you’d see in a high school test, but it does throw up the occasional tricky one now and again.

With it’s charming visuals, beautiful animation and novel mix of questions and puzzles Questionaut is a fun game that really does make learning fun.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Most Browsers (may not work in Safari)

Play Questionaut Here

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