Quick, Draw! – Browser Game

Quick Draw game

Quick, Draw! is a clever little experimental game in which you attempt to sketch objects in just 20 seconds while an AI neural network attempts to recognize them.

In each game of Quick, Draw! you will be given six different objects to draw, with 20 seconds to draw each item. As you’re drawing each item the games neural network (which doesn’t know what you’re drawing) attempts to guess what your rather rough little doodle is before the time runs out. You’re not really competing against the neural network, more like you’re working alongside each other in a fast paced game of Pictionary.

It’s a very cool little experimental game and it’s remarkable what the neural network can figure out from your hastily sketched pictures. A unique test of your doodling skills and the recognition abilities of artificial intelligence.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Play Quick, Draw! Here

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