Quirkaglitch – Downloadable Game


Quirkaglitch is a very strange, slightly unsettling and super tough Jet Set Willy inspired game that sees you exploring the glitchy half finished code of a ZX Spectrum-esque platformer.

The strange world of Quirkaglitch is an eye-melting place to explore, with level design and enemies that look like glitched out versions of Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner ones.  The aim of the game is to explore, combine objects (of which you can only carry 2 at a time) and solve puzzles.   Needless to say the game is VERY hard, you will die a lot – particularly if you encounter an infinity loop death.  Of course, that’s presuming you manage to start the game in the first place – Quirkaglitch uses the Jet Set Willy copy protection grid, so you’ll have to decipher that first!

From start to finish Quirkaglitch is a surreal, unsettling and rage inducing experience.  It feels like you’re playing the ghost of a game, ethereal code that never quite materialises as you make your way though it’s glitch-filled nightmare.  Very cool, very retro and very weird.

Controls: Q/W – Left/Right,  Jump – M

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Note:  To get past the first screen you’ll need this sheet (Jet Set Willy’s copy protection grid)

Download Quirkaglitch Here

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