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QUUR is a beautiful Journey-esque adventure game in which you take an ethereal being through a magical world that’s sustained by a magical liquid called ‘The Color’.

Much like Journey, QUUR is an entirely wordless experience that’s left up to the player to interpret as you make your way through a beautiful game world and head towards a mountain in the distance. You have the ability to attack, but it’s up to you if you want to attack other creatures or just avoid/distract them. Your choices have an effect on the game world, killing can drain the world of color (and we only seemed to reach the end credits screen by being nice to the animals).

Color is a major gameplay mechanic in QUUR, with your energy being signified by the colorful swirls that surround your body, which can be replenished from red pools that are scattered around the world. This color can be used in a variety of ways to interact with the environment, unblocking paths, attacking enemies, activating red floating lobs and creating a path for you to follow in the deadly pure white wasteland that surrounds the mountain.

The narrative is left entirely up to the player to interpret, but if you look closely there are more of your kind scattered around the land, frozen solid in the statue-like pose (much like you are at the start of the game). Maybe you’re attempting to bring them back to life, or maybe you’re attempting to spread the Color and life essence throughout the land. Either way it’s a beautiful and magical little puzzle adventure that’s well worth checking out.

Controls: Keyboard or Controlpad

Available On: Windows

Note: To Aim your projectile attacks, hold down the fire button (RB or Q)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download QUUR Here

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