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Racegame.io is a very addictive massively multiplayer browser based racing game in which players jostle for postion while racing supercars around a variety of challenging top down circuits.

As with most .io games Racegame.io is controlled entirely with the mouse, with you pressing the left mouse buttton to accellerate and steering by moving the pointer. It’s very easy to pick up and play, but you’ll need some real skill to get a place on the podium as there are LOTS of other players attempting to do the same.

Races generally start off with a short qualifying period in which players can secure their places on the starting grid. Then the race starts and the real test of skill begins, as you attempt to race your way through the pack and secure a top position within three laps. Unlike most .io games there’s no combat and the gameplay is entirely skill based, with no unfair upgrades or perks so everyone is on a level playing field.

It’s an addictive game, that blends the old school top down arcade racing or Super Sprint with the easily accessible multiplayer mayhem of an .io game. Well worth taking for a test drive.

Controls: Mouse – Movement, LMB – Accelerate

Available On: All Browsers

Play Racegame.io Here

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