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railroad trucker game

Railroad Trucker is a chilled out and very addictive railroad-based puzzler in which you build railways and drive freight trains along them, picking up cargo from one area and dropping it off at another.

Railroad Trucker draws inspiration from Factorio, Mini Metro and Galaxy Trucker to create a fantastic little train-based sandbox puzzler. In the game you must build railways for your trains to ride along, then control them to stop them next to the correct loading and unloading areas to pick up and drop off cargo, making sure they don’t run out of power along the way.

The puzzles start off fairly easy at the start, with you just controlling one train that just has one pickup and one drop off location, but the game gets much more complicated (and more fun) as you progress through the levels. It introduces multiple trains, refueling stations, junctions and multiple loading/unloading locations. Yet even with all these extra complications Railroad Trucker remains a very relaxing game as there’s very little pressure on the player and the audio score is very chilled out.

It’s a very pleasant experience building and driving along the tracks of Railroad Trucker, thanks largely to it’s easily accessible gameplay and relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re just playing around with a childhood train set. A great little railway puzzler that we highly recommend taking for a spin.

Controls: Mouse – Point & CLick R- Rotate Piece, E – Remove Piece, F11 – Exit Full Screen

Available On: All Browsers

Ludum Dare Page: Here

Play Railroad Trucker Here

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