RailStand – Browser Game


RailStand is a fun little blend of tower defense and arcade action in which you attempt to survive for four days against an onslaught of mad robots.

In RailStand you must protect the energy core at the top of the train. You do this using a mixture or the upgradeable auto-turrets at the front and back of the train and a manually controlled guided missile launcher at the top of the train. The robot onslaught is increasingly challenging, so your your plucky little train driver must find a balance between operating the missile launcher, collecting cash dropped by dead robots, carrying out repairs and upgrading the turrets.

It’s a tough and addictive little game that’s well worth checking out for a fun fast paced blend of robot blasting and time/resource management.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement/ Guide Missile, Up – Upgrade/Repair/Fire Missile

Available On:  All Browsers & Windows

Play or Download RailStand Here

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