Raise The Sun – Browser Game

Raise The Sun is a fun little physics based Greek mythology inspired puzzle platformer where you help Helios raise the Sun, which is attached to him by a long rope.

In Raise The Sun you control Helios, a Titan who was charged with driving the Sun Chariot through the sky each day. However, after crashing the chariot, Hyperion has punished you by making you raise the sun by hand each day. As it’s a bit hard to carry, you then tied a rope to the sun incase you dropped it, which you promptly did. You must now find a way to raise the sun so that you can grab it and carry it up into the sky.

The gameplay in Raise the Sun is simple and intuitive but surprisingly challenging at times. You can’t “reel-in” the Sun, instead you have to find a way to wrap your rope around the various anchor points on each level to use up as much rope as possible. Sometimes this won’t be enough on its own (or there may not even be any anchor points) and you need to find a way to bounce the Sun up in the ari long enough for you to grab it.

It’s a great little game with stylish minimalist visuals, a beautiful soundtrack and cleverly designed levels that make great use of it’s Sun-on-a-rope mechanic. A cleverly crafted Sun raising puzzle platformer that’ll brighten your day.

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Created By: Jacsn

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Raise The Sun Here

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